Friday, 2 September 2011

TV Review: Suits

  Suits is a fairly new show that I’ve only in the past few days had a chance to watch. It’s about Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams), a young college dropout with an eidetic memory that through a series of unlikely events ends up working for the best lawyer in the city, Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht). 
(Check out the much better summary on IMDB:
  When I watched the first episode, the plot and characters drew me in and I've been slightly (read: very) obsessed with the show since. The show is very well written, the chemistry between the characters is brilliant and even though I have never studied law I still found it easy to follow. The legal lingo may be a little overwhelming at times, so this isn't a show you can only half watch. I'm guilty of doing this far to often, but I've found that I haven't been bored enough while watching Suits to doze off like I usually do. The characters are amazing and interact so naturally with each other, it feels as though I'm watching their real life rather than a story performed by actors. Harvey is definitely my favorite, he's witty, charming, and handsome to boot. He and Mike have such great chemistry that I can't help but wonder if they're secretly long-lost brothers or something. Louis is another great character, he's funny and lovable even though he's supposed to be an antagonist of sorts. I could go on for days about the rest of the characters (I'm already ranting a bit), but I'm afraid I might bore you all to death so I'll keep it short: everyone on Suits works so well together it's just an immense pleasure to watch, I very much recommend this show.

  This post is very short, but I'm afraid that if I go on I might put you off the show. I tend to do that, if you were to ask anyone who knows me (particularly my sister) they'd tell you I tend to rant. A lot. So watch the show and tell me what you think, I promise you won't regret it!

Until next time, enjoy some more modern music to go with this more modern post. The song is UN Owen Was Her (thank you to Fang for correcting me):



  1. You might want to correct yourself (the youtube page is incorrect too, though). The song is "UN Owen Was Her", a Touhou soundtrack. Thought something was familiar about it..

  2. Ah, pardon me. I was shown this video by my sister, I've never heard the song before. Thank you.

  3. This is also why most of the Touhou soundtracks are impossible to replicate on a real piano. it was all composed in MIDI, thus having endless possibilities. And even if you can simplify it so you don't have to play 20 notes simultaneously, it still goes so fast human hands can not keep up. <3

  4. Sounds like a pretty decent show. I don't watch much television, as most of is garbage(see:jersey shore), but this one sounds promising might check it out.

  5. Sup bro.
    Sorry for taking so long to return "the favor".
    But there we go.
    See you later

  6. Thank you Sergeant, but you didn't need to return any sort of favor. I follow blogs I like and expect nothing in return. Still, thank you.

  7. I've been looking to watch this show since I seen it advertised on a wrestling (yes I watch wrestling, I'm ashamed) programme ages ago and wanted to check it out. Now I really need to start watching it soon. Interesting blog so I'm following buddy. :)

  8. Sounds like an interesting show. Must give it a look...

  9. Haven't watched a show with lawyers before. Maybe I'll give this a try.